Today we feature the fabulous works of Janel Schultz. We are so delighted to have her work in Small Space Fest.  Her pieces seem to come from another biological world and time; like little made up creatures full of personality.  We love the combination of fantasy, beauty and the grotesque that make us want to keep looking! 

About Janel Schultz' work: "Interested in the phases of transition, the time in-between, my work seeks a liminal space.  To weave through such a transformative state, implies evolution, but also hints of imagination and myth. These awkward transitions seem to be reached by a non-linear route of adaptation.  Sculptural forms protrude from the wall, bulbous animal limbs and cast body parts, protuberance representing the sense of emergence.  Fragments are merged with other forms to create hybrids, often teasing whether something is or isn’t, while reaching out of some ether.  Instinctual.  Primal. Raw. Strange.  The balance teeters between playful and absurd, hovering the line between beautiful and grotesque, while still in that ever-evolving state."

More of her work here: