Today we welcome RuBen Permel, a multi-disciplinary artist who resides in Las Vegas. You can see his costume creations in many Cirque du Soliel productions.  We love the way he combines design, sculpture, textiles and color into his works.  We cannot wait to see the new work he is creating for Small Space Fest!!!

RuBen Permel's bio:

"Theatre, Art and Design have always been the threads holding RuBen Permel’s tapestry of life together. For him, there is not one without the other and they are all connected. Having worked professionally in “ShowBusiness” for more than 3 decades, RuBen’s vibrant personally and layered expressions have always appeared in his works.  His Performing Arts Education lead to continuous year for acting, dancing and singing in theatres across the U.S. While performing, RuBen used his Artistic talents behind the scenes in many forms including Costuming, Crafts, Props and Puppetry. This adaptability opened him to a successful career as a Designer for more than 50 productions and Touring Wardrobe Supervisor for Broadway Musicals.  15 years ago he joined Cirque du Soleil as the Wardrobe Head for Alegria, KA, Viva Elvis and then Zarkana. He also designed the costumes for Cirque’s first One Night for One Drop on the O stage at the Bellagio. Since his relocation to Las Vegas in 2004, RuBen has remained involved in the local art scene.  He was awarded Best in Show for the first 2 Years of the Pride Art Show and has shown annually at the Parade Exhibit at the Arts Factory. His quilted sculpture titled Olivia was featured in the LA Times and an abstract painting appeared in Las Vegas Weekly. In 2012, RuBen at Studio One opened at Dinosaurs and Roses Gallery. There he operated his own art space and selling out works in Acrylic, Watercolor, Collage, and Up cycled Crafts. Recently, he completed the Independent short film, Whispering Goliath, featuring his series of large cocoon and figurativeacrylic on canvas. This project highlights the protection of your own ideas and work. Anyone can take credit for your work as long as you allow them. However, in RuBen’s work the heart and soul are always on the canvas. There is more than what you see."

More of his work: