We're thrilled to have local photographer, Casey Jade, involved in Small Space Fest!  She's super cool, like her name, and has such positive energy and an insatiable appetite for taking photos.  She puts her whole mind, body and spirit into her work.  We can't wait to see the works she's creating for Small Space Fest!

About Casey Jade: "I am a local Las Vegas photographer who has lived here for over 23 years. I have my degree in Commercial Photography and I have gotten the Silver Medal in Nevada's 2015 Skills USA competition as well as recently won an X-Rite photo contest. ProFoto and the College of Southern Nevada have both done stories on my photography. I love to have fun on my shoots and try to infuse my personality into each series. I try to capture the details that many of us pass by without a second glance. I take pictures that I could look at for hours, and I hope you will want to as well. Experimental lighting, shoots with liquid, abandoned spaces, exploring new places, and being a catalyst for intrigue are some of my favorite tasks. If you have an interesting idea and like my style, I love breaking boundaries!"

To see more of her work click here.