We are really excited to have Izaac Zevalking's works in Small Space Fest!  Read and view below to find out more about his work:

Recycled Propaganda is a soci-political artist acclaimed for his succinct and graphic exploration of a broad variety of contemporary issues. Driven by the urge to encourage critical thought and nuance in an increasingly apathetic and polarized society.

If a picture says 1,000 words, its potency for change is surely 1,000 times stronger. The power of the visual is not just compelling but can also be highly ambiguous, thus promoting self-directed and critical thought. This brings us to the fundamental nature and meaning of Recycled Propaganda.  To recycle the black and white – fear and fact based picture that we are so frequently plagued with, into a more colorful, complex and equivocal one that is open to interpretation, more accurately reflects our reality. Life is confusing, complex and uncertain, to reduce these nuances to the lowest denominator is to reject our humanity and dilute our beauty.

Founded in 2013, Recycled Propaganda is the brain-child of Izaac Baron Zevalking, who remains the sole creative, although he is supported by an ever expanding team. Zevalking is an artist whose work addresses complex problems and issues in global history and current affairs. Originally from the UK, his artwork serves as a springboard for confronting and discussing issues that face humanity. The images are conveyed through digital design, prints, stickers, t-shirts, works on canvas, and murals, and provide a vivid, authentic commentary on society and culture. Currently based out of Las Vegas, his brand of social-art, although relatively new to the scene, has created an international buzz. The future is definitely bright for this up-and-coming artist and visionary; watch this space.

To view more of his work and videos click: http://recycledpropaganda.com/