Photographer and Videographer, Silvia Forni, comes to us from Florence, Italy by way of New York City, where she has been living since 2004.  

We are captivated by the dreamy, mysterious, almost velvety feel of her photographs.  She finds inspiration everywhere, especially people, and unveils her expression of life in all that she photographs.  There is a touch of melancholy and a softness that appears in her portraits and street shots. We are looking forward to having her work installed in Small Space Fest!

A bit about Silvia Forni: 'I have been working freelance for the past few years in theater, film and TV. I started to collaborate with La Mama theatre in 2013 as a videographer, and my photos appeared at La Mama Gallery in 2014. I took photos for magazines like: Vogue/Playboy/Tokion and others. At the moment I am working as a production assistant and audience coordinator for TV shows like: “Elementary” CBS, “The Family” ABC, “Lie Detectors” GSN, “Blindspot” NBC, “Rachel Ray” and “All Star Academy” Food Network.

I grew up in a family of artists in the Nature close to Florence, Italy. My father is a musician, my uncle is a guitar teacher and my grandfather was a tenor. I was a photojournalist for years and collaborated with Italian newspapers like “La Nazione” and “La Repubblica”. I won an Artist Residency in Woodstock - May 2014 - as a photographer/videographer.'

More of Silvia Forni's work: