Katie Klemp creates beautiful paintings rich with color and patterns that remind one of deconstructed or abstracted nature.  There are elements of recognizable organic elements where out of the painting one may see a fish, a black hole, a rose petal, a web, but really, it is the intricate layers that create this vision. What is seen is in the eye of the beholder.  We are excited to have her work in Small Space Fest.

The way she works:

My current work explores the spontaneity in patterns and their relationship to spirituality and proximity. In the first layer I use non-traditional tools to achieve quick, unpredictable results. An addition and subtraction of paint results in transparent layers, movement, and curiosity. This layer provides the most direction for the painting, even though it is achieved through unpredictable means. I then live with the painting until I see what is possible. The second layer of controlled pattern is then added and brings interest, contrast, and life to the direction of the first layer. The proximity of the pattern is built off of the first layer so that the two layers complement each other. This process allows me to access a more subconscious response.

To see more of Katie Klemp's work go to her website: Here