Sam Canales makes big, bold, assertive works. Whether they are drawn on the side of a building or screened on a T-shirt, you'll find strong, colorful illustrations decorating that surface. You can see some of these works displayed at Downtown Spaces in Las Vegas! 

We are looking forward to more of his colorful, wild work in Small Space Fest!

More about Sam Canales and his studio/clothing line, Heartbroken Reality: "My name is Sam and I live in a world full cartoons and art. It has been my addiction. I've enjoyed drawing in general, started with the simple pen on paper. From pen and paper I moved on to bigger and more colorful projects. I started using acrylic paints for murals about a year ago. It's now an addiction to go bigger and better with my art. I also run my own clothing brand from home called Heartbroken Reality, (which includes) a lot of simple cartoon illustrations that I have put on t-shirts, bandanas, hats, and pins. Everything I've created is from simple cartoon illustrations from current events in my life, my family, or friends. 

My mediums are acrylic paint and oil painting. I started working with wood canvases and moved on to painting my own garage walls. I've always wanted the opportunity to showcase my work outside my house and get comfortable by expressing my imagination to the world. 

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Moved out to Las Vegas 8 years ago, and came to discover the world of art in Downtown Las Vegas. Ive been hooked and very inspired by the art world Las Vegas has to offer. I look up to a lot of successful local artist who have painted the entire city with art, and i look forward to being a part of that inspiration one day."