We are so excited about our invited artists that we are going to highlight one a day until we get to the opening of Small Space Fest 2016. 

We are so please to welcome visual artist, Anne Mailey, to Small Space fest 2016!!! 

We were delighted by the intricate and surprising details of her embroidery.  We thought her work was unique, whimsical and deeply personal.  We cannot wait to see what she brings to Small Space Fest.

Anne Mailey's Artist Statement:

"My art practice aims to transform personal objects into private, often functionally experienced, artworks or heirlooms. My process mostly consists of embroidering and quilting on the inside of my own clothing or others’ clothing. Only traces of thread are visible to the majority, and the wearer has a hidden knowledge which travels with them. My practice is self-affirming and informed from my semi-nomadic lifestyle, my study of spiritual rituals such as Reiki, and my Great-Grandmother’s seamstress supplies. The submitted images include three different projects. For Metropolitan Skirt, I embroidered the floor plan of the museum on the inside of a skirt I wore while I was employed at the Met. I was aiming to change the dominating, public institution into something discrete and soft. For another project, Dream Sheets, I began embroidering the text of my dreams on the bed sheets I continue to use. Lastly, Skirt of Mothers is another long term project inspired from my professional work in Museums and Duchamp’s traveling museums within briefcases. I create a hidden, nomadic museum by embroidering small replicas of famous works of art and patching them on the inside of my mother’s old skirt."

For more of Anne's work got to http://cargocollective.com/annemailey