Elke Rindfleisch is an amazing, fierce and dynamic performer.  When she takes the space of the stage you cannot take your eyes off of her.

A bit about Elke in her own words:

"My work provokes, but not aggressively. I play with beauty and authentic presence to create an environment that coaxes out people's curiosity to look at things in a different light— bringing in or leaving out personal experiences. Themes circling around the human condition and universal connections offer a personal mirror to the viewer or an opportunity to reflect the larger picture. I play with energetically expanding, and coloring the spaces of our internal and external environments. I am presently investigating story-telling in the context and practice of movement, images, monologue, and audience involvement. After years of “pure” dance/physical expression that involved a narrative only as a very abstracted underlying thread, I developed a specific character for a solo. The piece used spoken and pre-recorded texts in addition to movement. It led me to becoming interested in the voice as another extension of the body—using it as another “limb” to integrate into the full body experience of the performer as she immerses herself into her performance and her intentions behind it. I was also interested in defining distinctions between these different ways of expression. I began researching how information/sensation is stored in the body and the mind and when expressed through the body versus the voice are very distinct from each other in how they resonate with the viewer and how they energetically resonate in the space."

To see more of her work: www.rindfleischdance.com