Small Space Fest is so excited to show the work of Bin Feng, Chinese born photographer now residing in Savannah, GA.  We are moved by his stunning, cinematic images that capture a view of American seen through the lens of an "outsider."

A few words about his work from Bin Feng:

"The American Dream

The photo series continues to explore the idea of the American Dream from an eastern male gaze. Iconic elements such as "the white picket fence" and "the golden retriever dog" are employed to reconstruct the spectacle. Concealed as the relations between classes, the true character is revealed, and a social necessity has been secured in constructing the new spectacle as such an illusive representation. By staging the moment of daily life, the artist performs as an actor and jumps between the fiction and reality, which essentially conveys the notion of the history of the man — the locomotive power behind the images, focusing on bi-cultural shock."

For more of his work: