Trevor R. Yopp creates new worlds and adventures in any art medium he can get his hands on.  He uses his wild imagination to design colorful, delightful images. We are excited to see more of his work at Small Space Fest!

More about Trevor:

“As of late, I have realized that my ultimate aspiration in creating art is to strike out on impossible adventures. My intention is to travel to different worlds, see different creatures and ultimately explore strange places that can only be visited with great imagination. That intense human desire to experience new and different things fuels my passion to create. I will craft my own story or world that will spark a moment of nostalgia in young imaginations and old spirits. Inspiration rushes upon discovery of rust and architectural decay, bits of metal and the smell of old leather. An old book with the binding barely intact yet filled with magnificent prints and chapter starts can captivate me for hours. Who left these relics and where did they go? 

In my adolescence I was lucky enough to stumble upon the graphic illustrator and painter Frank Frazetta, who's work inspired in me a great desire to become both an artist and an adventurer. Capturing dynamic actions, bold heroes, and unreal landscapes; Frazetta's work as both a painter and man of great imagination have had a deep influence on my ambition as an artist.

During college I investigated as many varieties of medium as were available. I studied print making, metal working, jewelry crafting, but my strongest suits are sculpting and painting. Happiness would be a large canvas or wood panel and space to work freely. Current demands and pressures on my time have encouraged me to hone my talents working digitally. The luxury of which is both the speed, and flawless execution of intention without any mess or regrets. I seek to inspire the spirit of adventure.”

To see more of his work click HERE

See more of his work at Small Space Fest: June 20th, 2016.