We are thrilled to have the intelligent, socially conscious art by Chad Scott. See more of his installation work at Small Space Fest!

Artist Statement

"A significant portion of my work explores symbolic spaces embedded within and in-between material and non-material structures. Through processes of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction, symbolic spaces are emphasized to examine the possibility(s) of agency bound within a particular context. 

This aspect of my work focuses on how social dynamics shape, and are shaped by, their spatial-temporality. I explore phenomena considering the less visible, and perhaps overlooked, by creating work to bring the blurred into focus.

Some of my works are participatory, inviting the viewer to interact with the object. In some instances, a participant may not be aware of their participation, thus becoming implicated in a situation they neither endorsed, nor were aware of. This raises fundamental questions regarding ongoing social processes we find ourselves within. We are born and socialized into a social system that we did not create, yet we participate and contribute to this system in various ways: intentional or not. In sum, this aspect of my artistic production is a form of social and cultural criticism.

For examples of this area of my work, see Outlier and Space for Imagining Place: 

The trajectory of my recent artistic production refocuses my liminal interests toward investigating the boundary antagonisms of analog and digital culture. Borrowing from Walter Benjamin, my interests may be described as “The work of art in the [digital] age of re[mix and post-]production.” This line of inquiry utilizes a process of remixing and recontextualizing: past, present, and future; the symbolic boundaries of what Gan’s (1999) calls “taste cultures;” and social dichotomies such as sacred/profane, structure/agency, and producer/consumer. It is my position that a fluid remix-able framework allows for a set of practices attentive to the multifacetedness of agency and the dynamism of structure vis-à- vis the era of context collapse. 

While, my current method of investigation produces digital outcomes, I approach the production of art from an interdisciplinary perspective. That is, I draw from a variety of art- making approaches and select the most appropriate for each given project depending on the inherent factors and demands of that particular idea.

For examples of this area of my work see Reigning/Raining Down - Holdin' it down, fluid structuralism, and Mixtape.  Each of these works may be displayed on a monitor or projected to create an installation." 

Uploaded by CognitiveGraffiti on 2014-01-25.

See more at Small Space Fest: June 20th, 2016.  Visual Art will remain until July 31st.

Chad Scott's Website HERE