We are so happy to have these two Las Vegas locals: Joel Spencer & Nova May who enhance the Las Vegas Art Scene with creative, immersive installations and interactive art.  If you are in town, visit their micro gallery space: 222 Space located at the Arts Factory in Downtown Las Vegas. We are thrilled to have Joel and Nova as part of our artist community and can't wait to see more of their work in Small Space Fest!


More about the artistic partnership:

As an artistic and domestic partnership, we work together creating art and raising our children. We came together 4 years ago, blending our family and collaborating on our art. We tend to work on a large scale, and like to create very sculptural,  immersive pieces. We work with paint, Plexiglas, fiber, metal, foam, wood, vinyl and basically any material that we can lay our often dirty hands on. We come from very different back-grounds, but find that we both bring our unique perspectives and experiences to creating art and that makes our work stronger as a whole. 

In addition to working full time as production and commercial artists, we have created installation art for various events and galleries in Las Vegas. Subtraction was an interactive installation that was exhibited in Trifecta Gallery in the Arts Factory in 2012. In 2013 we created an immersive installation for Greetings from Las Vegas at the Gate Way Motel. We have showcased our work at Life is Beautiful, both in the Art Motel last year and an interactive sculpture in 2013.

Currently, we have a gallery #222 Space in the Arts Factory that is a “micro gallery” where we create small immersive and interactive installations. We are also working on a large installation for the Winchester Cultural Center that will be combining some really exciting elements, like electricity and modular synthesizers.

See more at Small Space Fest: June 20th, 2016.  Visual Art will remain installed until July 21st.

Joel's website HERE

222 Space

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