Tatiana Hantig received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography at UNLV, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and has since returned to her roots in painting. Her major influences in art are Andy Warhol whom found inspiration from his photographs to create bright and creative portraits of the people he photographed. She also has a great interest in the pop and minimalist artist, Cy Twombly, and his colorful abstract paintings. Tatiana's greatest accomplishment in the art field has been her numerous art shows in Las Vegas, working with Clark County on the community ZAP project and participating in Art Prize in Michigan.

Artist Statement:

I use a reversal paint process, a technique I've kindly coined as thirtysixbricks. I paint with an (1) idea in mind, (2) on a surface, (3) allow the painting to dry, and then (4) peel the painting off the surface, (5) revealing the underside of the painting. It is always a surprise since I have given the painting the opportunity to express it self when I have only given it the direction and color to come to life with. This process is done several times to create layers and the building of texture throughout the development of the painting. Humans, animals, landscapes in turn are complex with layers of their history and I love painting them all.

My work is about the ephemeral nature of the moment, which can be simple as well as complex. Surface textures such as wrinkles, bubbles, cracks and folds, some in the manner of portraits while others in an abstract form embrace the fleeting material world and the memories that are unique to an individual. What we do experience together is the passing of time. These surfaces that we are usually ashamed of upon our own skin, hopes to be beautiful in some manner within the surfaces of these paintings. The viewer is left with insights of personal reflections and the possibilities of our brief existence.

Looking forward to seeing more of Tatiana Hantig's work at Small Space Fest: June 20th, 2016 at Emergency Arts.  Art will remain installed in the building until July 21st.

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