Local artist, Jim White, creates work that is playful, expressive, and doesn't take itself too seriously --yet, it is thought-provoking and full of depth and meaning. See his installation work at Small Space Fest: June 20th, 2016.  

His solo exhibition will be showing concurrently at Satellite Contemporary, located on the first floor of the Emergency Arts Building.  

 On his current work: "The stuffed animals evolved out of a curiosity of simply adding and subtracting parts to make myself laugh. It became something much more as I let them evolve. Now there is a psychological means to an end as well as the humor. If it doesn't make me laugh, I'm doing something wrong."

About Jim White

born in Moline, IL in 1975.

my formative years were spent in Des Moines, Iowa melting Gi Joes together with lighters,

and staring at what i couldn't explain as art while my father fished. 

seeing mud faces on trees, 

day dreaming sea monkeys were pinching me, 

or not knowing i was making art out of melted plastics would later

inform my current work in both the more conceptual and the sculptural. 

in 2003 i received my BFA in painting

in 2004 i was a resident at Bemis Artists Residency. 

See more of Jim White's work HERE