We are so excited to have work by Caitlyn Saville in Small Space Fest. She's currently living in Las Vegas, she's awesome and we cannot wait to see more!

More about the artist: "'Caitlyn, born March 16th 1985, is an American artist, known for her intricate mandalas, large scale murals, and her use of Sacred Geometry. She grew up in the small town of Bergen, NY, where she lived until 2005, upon deciding to follow her reverence for the unknown to Las Vegas Nevada, where she currently lives as a multi-disciplined artist in Downtown. Her early paintings explore her fascination of edgy contemporary Pop-Art and sex appeal, while her more recent works translate her spiritual journey as she continues to explore the world within. Through her yoga and mediation practice, and her slight obsession to understand the bigger picture, Caitlyn has discovered “It's through intention, where we truly manifest our reality.” Each piece of artwork is created with a powerful intention, which radiates through to the viewer providing a deeper experience beyond its aesthetic beauty. Caitlyn uses spray paint, acrylics, gilding, and pyrography in most of her work, while paying close attention to details, incorporating sacred geometry and the art of mandalas.

"My intention with the mandalas I create is to provide a guided point of focus, assisting in meditation, intention setting, and realization of the self, by utilizing the archaic science of sacred geometry, and the art of the mandala. By focusing outward on the intrinsic beauty of the mandala, your thoughts then drift inward wherein lies the truest experience of beauty. The mandala acts as a visionary tool, engaging your eyes, and releasing your mind, allowing for personal growth and creativity to flow freely.'"

See more of her work at Small Space Fest on June 20th, 2016.

More from Caitlyn's Website HERE