"My work explores change as a result of interaction, whether with a physical space and over time (Onflow, Hello!Plan), as a result of social interaction (Punch Table, Confidence Booth), or as a result of the random superimposition of elements (Rain Shadow).

I'm interested in combining this exploration with meandering and decorative forms. I welcome the jolt to myself (and perhaps to others) of using my careful hand-efforts as elements to be cut up, damaged, and re-purposed."

"Bachrun LoMele, has pursued art-making through college, art school, and many years as a freelance illustrator in NYC. For the past 13 years he has developed his artistic practice in a remote rural location in the California Sierra Nevada foothills. Living separated from any art scene has led to the necessity of creating his own scene in Pinehurst, and drawing others into it from afar.

With California and national artists he developed the Hatchery art spaces, utilizing abandoned hangar buildings adjacent to his studio (formerly drug-rehab compound operated by Synanon), organizing three art events for artists from around the country and the world. The 2015 exhibition, The Hatchery: Fortress, was selected to be part of an International City Tour, as conceived by UAMO (Urban Arts and Media Organization) in Munich, Germany. The Hatchery was the sole U.S. location chosen for the tour, which included Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens, Mexico City, Vienna, Prague, and Sofia. A video of the event, and works from the exhibition, will be presented at UAMO’s City Festival in Munich in April 2016.

Connections made through the Hatchery led to a solo exhibition at Arts Visalia (2012); installation of an interactive piece Punch Table for the apexart-funded Memphis Social (2013); a solo exhibition of Hello!Plan at Marshall Arts in Memphis (2014); and a solo exhibition of the interactive installation pieceConfidence Booth at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga’s Apothecary Gallery (2014).

In 2014 and 2015, the Fresno Regional Foundation (now known as the Central Valley Community Foundation), in partnership with the James Irvine Foundation, as well as the City of Visalia Community Arts Grant Program, awarded the Confidence Booth project grants to deploy the installation in numerous non-traditional urban and rural venues in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

He has participated in group exhibitions at the Painting Center (Chelsea, NYC), LA Artcore (Los Angeles), 31st Annual Made in California exhibition (La Brea, CA), GearBox Gallery (Oakland, CA), Gallery 1317 (San Francisco, CA), LuminArté Gallery (Dallas, TX), Gallery 263 (Cambridge, MA), and Janet Turner Print Museum (California State University, Chico).

Confidence Booth aka Hide Out

is an interactive art installation, functioning both as a significance harvesting unit, and as a display and broadcast venue, linking people in its community of heart-felt incoherence, and probing the tender boundary between public and private experience.

Welcomed into a sound-proofed booth, willing donors speak secrets ― their truths, their untold stories. No one is listening, nor is it recorded as decipherable information. Leached of meaning by a scrambling code, the spoken sentences are transformed into an essence of perceived meaning for use in the visually active, public context of the booth’s exterior.

Likewise, donated confidences are re-voiced by sound artist Anna Dembska, and broadcast from a piñata conch located outside the booth. The scrambled texts become sound through MAX/MSP using Apple Voices, to create a randomly evolving mysterious babble/Babel.

Confidence Booth is an inside-out gallery; invited inside the booth, individuals may securely reveal what is inside themselves, while on the outside their barely recognizable statements are embellished and publicized for all to see."

Take part in the installation at Small Space Fest: June 20th, 2016.

Bachrun LoMele's Website HERE