We welcome local performance group, Magical Madness Dance Theater to Small Space Space Fest!  We love dancers and movers who create works in unconventional spaces!  We are excited to see what they choreograph throughout the spaces of Emergency Arts. 

About the Magic: "We exist in the world of imagination, the time in which dreams come true, where reality holds still for just one moment, where magic lies in the madness. Dedicated to artistic excellence in dance, Magical Madness is committed to creating a lasting impact through the magic and madness of dance in the Las Vegas area, regional, and national level. Magical Madness Dance Theater’s mission is to spread the magic of dance throughout the community; through workshops, master classes, showcases, choreography therapy, and production pieces. We aspire to bring dance to life through collaborations with diverse artists; sculptors, musicians, composers, photographers, videographers, painters, circus performers, and designers. We strive to build the bridge between professional dance companies and the community."

Their Facebook Page: Here

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/magicalmadnessdance